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The Fatal Glass of Beer is a beer blog written and run by Joe Tindall and based in Brighton, UK. I've been posting since the beginning of 2015, and in 2017 I won a Silver award in the Best Young Beer Writer category at the British Guild of Beer Writers annual awards.

My day job is not related to beer, and the blog is run very much as a hobby. I love writing and put a lot of work into it, but posts are irregular and based on what interests me at the time of writing.

I can be contacted at, and on Twitter @FatalGlass.

Samples & PR

I am happy to accept samples from breweries and PR firms, but will only do so on the understanding that sending me beer is no guarantee that I'll write about it. It's very rare that I post straight beer reviews, so I'll only cover the beer you send me if I can find an angle from which to approach it.

In the event that I do write about a beer that has been given to me for free, this will be made clear in a disclosure. Otherwise, you can safely assume that I've bought the beer with my own hard-earned cash.

I am occasionally contacted with offers of content from PR firms - I have no interest in this and will never post anything on the blog I didn't write.

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